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La Playa Tilapa & Tilapita


La Playa Tilapa is located in the Southwest corner of Guatemala only about 10 miles south of the Mexican border. This very small fishing village is a perfect place for a quiet weekend or a secluded week at the beach. The little town of Tilapa is rustic and a bit dirty but a quick 10 minute boat ride to Tilapita and you will be sitting on a almost deserted beach sipping a cold beer!

Reserva Natural El Manchón


La Reserva is a 13,500 Hectare area of land set aside by the Guatemalan Government for preservation. You can hire a boat guide to take you into the mangrove swamp and travel along the narrow water ways that make up the reserve. Approx cost for 2 hours is Q150 - Q300 depending on the size of your group.

Tortugario Tilapita

Tilapita is home to a small Turtle Hatchery that is maned by Don Guillermo Mata a local man who has lived in Tilapita most of his life. Each year Don Guillermo struggles to purchase or find as many eggs as possible to protect and hatch. The turtle "season" is June to Oct. If you are in Guatemala during these months you might have the chance to see one of the Olive Ridley Turtles in action. Or even get to release a few little ones yourself!

In 2005 several people got together and started to build an education center to explain to local school children why it is important to save the turtles. It is a work in progress so if you would like to help contact us!

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